Managing Director

Why Us?

I welcome you to 'Milton Public School' where the progressive vision of our founders has etched a blue print of excellence and abiding values to help our pupils grow into men and women of high potentialities and character.

Milton Public School provides a congenial, Positive, enthusiastic school climate that supports and nurtures school life. We take great pride in gifting year after year to the society, students well aware of personal responsibility and steeped in task commitment, self-discipline, independent learning and respectful conduct.

Dr. Rahul Raj Kulshestra

Aims & Objectives

Our mission is to produce from this academy great teachers like S. Radhakrishna and Gandhi, great preachers like Lord Buddha, Mahavira, Ram Krishna Paramhamsa and Vivekanand, great leaders like Gandhi, Shashtri, Nehru, George Washington and abraham Lincon, great thinkers and philosophers like Rousseau, Confucius, Tagore, Gandhi, Frobel and Pestalogy and eminent scientists like Einstein, Newton and C.V. Raman, great Generals Like Napoleon and Alexander the great.