Why Us?

Milton Public School to provide a sound acadmic, religious and moral education to all students, regardless of cast, creed or religion to become active useful and worthy citizens of India. School is affiliated to All India Senior School Certificate Examination of New Delhi from Nursery to XII Class.

Life at Milton Public School centers on a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, arts, athletics, high standards of ethical awareness, sportsmanship, and community service. Depth and variety are added to each student's life by the school's traditions and accessibility to a broad curriculum. The school, wholly autonomous, upholds its founders' commitment of excellence in all fields.

Shri. Rajkumar Kulshreshtha

Aims & Objectives

Ensure Physical, Mental and Spiritual growth of the students and create them a zest for learning. Quality education and pursuit of excellence in all fields and in the life itself. Assist students to enjoy themselves through healthy recreational activities and hobbies as well as correct reading habits for a life time of pleasure and joy.